Tuesday, June 3, 2014

Ghostly Friends - Part I

I am singing a story, One of the best,
Sitdown, relax and hear, Be my Guest :)

It begins with a boy and a girl, so blessed,
Even Facebook did suggest,
And he sent a friend request!

The boy was shy, waiting for a Hi,
But girl wasn't slow, sent the first Hello :)

Uncommon was this start,
But God had prepared the chart..
Boy talked smart,
Girl talked with all her heart..
Friendship began to art,
An hour in evening was the chatting part ;)

Months had gone by, Not seen the girl,
The boy now wondered, is she burl?
Is she Pearl?
Is she even a girl? :p

Kali-Chaudas was the day,
The most evil and dangerous they say..
Everyone stays in the bay,
Ghosts and evil spirits prey..

Boy was restless, wanted to see his chick
Gave her hints and started talking slick!
God was she quick, just smiled and sent her pic,
Boy couldn't stop staring & felt very proud of his pick :)

Special was the situation,
He named her Bhootdi(Bhootni) as per occasion..
Thus started a good foundation,
A sweet, sour, spicy and deep relation ;)

They began to open up,
began doing chap-chap and gupshup,
'Wow', 'Nice' and 'yes' changed to 'Ahaaa', 'Jorar' and 'Yup',
It just felt like tasting a sweet cough syrup.

Sunday, May 5, 2013

Sometimes you are..

Sometimes you are

As bright as day,
As light as play,
As deep as ocean,
As loose as lotion,
As cheerful as fountain,
As firm as mountain
As sad as vulture,
As rich as culture,
As lively as waterfall
As refreshing as cuckoo's call
As wild as a shark,
As deadly as a spark,
As cunning as a fox
As hardworking as an Ox,
As Pretty as Peacock
As Lazy as Bullock
As fiery as rocket
As unpredictable as cricket
As jovial as a clown
As irritating as a frown
As calm as snow,
You are the most dynamic person(ality) I know.. :)

Saturday, May 4, 2013

Gujarati Poem - Lilu ghas...

A very nice Gujarati Poem from a friend.. :)

"Lilu ghas
Zakalbindu na prem ma 6
Sury uge teni pratiksha ma
Vaheli savare kalrav sambhlay
Ae gopigit nahi to biju shu?
Vruksh pavanmay bne ane
Patangiyu puspa mai bane
Tevu prem vina bane kharu?
Be aankh sathe be aankh male
Tyare je bane ae premno
Sarvalo...gunakar k chantkar!
Mata ni aankh mathi
Tapki padela ashrubindu ma
Ghughavata samndar ne vali
Prem ni vyakhta sathe su sambhandh?
Prem sabd nathi..divay savendna 6...."